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Nanjing shuguang chemical co., LTD., is lost?Use special equipment registration certificate?、?Special equipment use registration form?7Copies,Is declared invalid。Card number:Capacity1LRSueA90275;Capacity1LRSueA90276;Capacity1LRSueA90277;Capacity2MSSueA90710;Capacity2MSSueA90711;Capacity1LCSueA91093;Capacity2LRSueA90417。

Company profile

  Nanjing shuguang chemical group——Is the first in China to produce the silane coupling agent sulfur enterprise based on a collection research and development、Manufacturing integration of high-tech enterprises。Since1958Since its creation,Dawn has been working on silane coupling agent、Titanate coupling agent and other fine chemical products research and development and manufacturing。Formulating the national industries of coupling agent of all national standards and industry standards。Dawn through their own research and development strength,Many times to fill the blank of domestic coupling agent production,Won the second prize of national scientific and technological progress and national awards,Established in the industry leading position。
  2011Years,Nanjing shuguang chemical group in nanjing chemical industrial park investment construction dawn fine chemical co., LTD。The new company covers an area of87000Square meters,Annual production device5Ten thousand tons of silane、5000Tons of titanate、5000Tons of special rubber additives and other fine chemical products。At this point,Dawn group has formed with its wholly-owned ZiNa Beijing dawn fine chemical co., LTD. For production of the core;Nanjing shuguang silane chemical co., LTD. The core for sales;Dawn(Europe)Trade co., LTD., as the fulcrum of overseas production chain,The new strategic layout has been basically completed。?
  In the global manufacturing to“Industry4.0”The era of today,Dawn is the early use of independent research and development in the industryDCSControl system for the production of enterprises。Not only effectively reduce the labor intensity of workers,Improved working conditions,At the same time also greatly improved production efficiency,To reduce the manufacturing cost,Ensure the product quality,Thus we enhance the enterprise competitive ability。
  Quality is the first capital of win the market。Not only in the industry took the lead through the lightISO:9001Certification,At the same time already has passedISO1可以的捕鱼0AndOHSAS18000The certification。Quality inspection department by gas chromatography、Performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)、The infrared spectrum、Carbon sulfur detector and other advanced testing equipment for raw materials、Intermediate product and final product quality inspection。To ensure that the products meet the national standard completely。
  Strict management make high quality products。Dawn products enjoys a good reputation at home and abroad。Since the last century90After s exports to overseas,Now all over Europe and the United States、Markets such as Japan and South Korea,High-quality product quality has become the industry standard in China,Well received by customers worldwide。
  Supported by science and technology innovation,Adhere to the road of independent innovation,Nanjing shuguang chemicals group invests more than sales3%The funds,For new technology and product innovation。And with nanjing university、Nanjing normal university and other units extensive cooperation。Has developed a variety of new type of coupling agent products,National authorized patents7Items,Won the title of national high-tech enterprise。?Nanjing dawn,As a restructuring state-owned enterprises,With nearly 60 years of development experience,Is for innovation“Her”Has injected new vitality。
  Nanjing shuguang employees with their own wisdom and sweat,In order to achieve“Friendly to the environment、By the science and technology、Service for our customers、In the interests of employees、Dedication to the society”The enterprise concept,Forever and tenacious struggle and enterprising。
  Today's nanjing dawn are baptized in hard to create,In the development of innovation for transcendence,Sublimate in self-improvement。