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    The puri technology co., LTD(Jiaxing),Was established2004Years,The total investment500Thousands of dollars,Cover an area of an area31000Square meters,It happened250Many employees,As a professional garage door to open the door machine and accessories、Advanced high-tech cold bending equipment、Fully automatic tray forming machine and finished product tray、Intelligent clothes-horse manufacturers,80%Products are exported,Especially is given priority to with Europe,With the latest in the European UnionCE,TUVAndRoHSThe certificate。The company has independent research and development and design team of high-end talent20More than one,From the product research and development,Design,Mould manufacturing,To the punch,Injection molding,Die casting and so on all fronts,And has the world advanced such as Japan,And the United States importedCNCMachining center and CNC lathe。Based on our rich experience in the industry,Help customers to innovation,Dedicated to provide customers with one-stop comprehensive services。

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With the continuous development of The Times,The global economic and trade is more and more active,In order to expand the scope of the world trade activities,We uphold the integrity-based,The principle of quality first,Looking forward to your arrival。

With the continuous development of the times, global economic trade is becoming more and more active. In order to better carry out world trade activities, our company upholds the principle of honesty and quality first, and looks forward to your arrival.

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